Are my knitting supplies covered by my homeowners insurance in Florida?

Do you knit as a hobby or do you sell your goods at the local craft fair? Either way, knitting is such a relaxing hobby. More than likely, you have tons of yarn along with many knitting tools in your home. You would be devastated if something happened to your tools.

This is where your homeowners insurance in Florida comes into play, according to If your craft items are damaged or stolen would you be covered? Many people aren’t quite sure what is and isn’t covered when it comes to their own home policy. Let’s clear up some confusion. What’s actually covered in your FL policy?

Florida Homeowners Insurance & Other Structures

This type of policy provides coverage for any structures that are not directly attached to your home. For example, detached garages, small outhouses, and tool sheds are covered. The contents inside of each are also covered by your policy.

Your home is always insured for the amount it would cost to replace it if the unfortunate happens according to  Many insurers insist that your Florida homeowners insurance policy covers at least 80% of the total cost to replace or rebuild your house. That is if you suffer a total loss of your property. It is also possible to insure your property for up to 100% of the replacement value. This simply means that if you lose your home to a fire, earthquake, or flood, then all costs are covered.

Personal Property Protection

Personal Property provides protection against theft and damages to your personal belongings. Your knitting supplies are covered under Personal Property Protection. Your yarn and other knitting supplies would also fall into this category and be covered.

More valuable items that are inside your home, including antique jewelry, silverware, guns, money, and computers aren’t covered by your homeowners insurance in Florida. However, it is limited and would need their own separate coverage. With this policy, you can choose your level of coverage and either insure your property for what it would cost to replace it or for the amount you originally paid.

Additional Living Expenses

In the unfortunate event that your house is damaged and uninhabitable, additional living expenses will cover you. You will be covered for any accommodations along with any other expenses that occur while you are away from home. For example, hotel stays are covered by this. This coverage may even stretch to restaurant bills and storage units for your personal items while your property is repaired.

Personal Liability

Personal Liability covers you against being sued. If someone gets hurt on your property or if their personal belongings are damaged and it’s your fault, they can make a claim against you. An example of this is if a visitor is bitten by your dog or if someone hurts themselves by playing with your knitting tools. This plan will cover you, and any family members currently living with you at the time the policy was taken out, according to

Medical Payments to Others

Whether you were at fault or not, medical payments coverage will pay any medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident at your home or on your property. Without this coverage, expect to receive an expensive medical bill in the event of an accident.