Do you need motorcycle insurance in Florida?

Did you know Florida has one of the highest numbers of accidents in the country? If you’re new to the Sunshine State, or you’ve never been in an accident before, you may not have a plan for your financial safety in the event of a crash. In fact, state laws regarding the necessity of motorcycle insurance in Florida can be confusing and contradictory. Do you need motorcycle insurance in Florida? Keep reading below to find out.

Do you need motorcycle insurance in Florida?

The short answer is no, traditional vehicle insurance (liability coverage) is not required by Florida state law for motorcycles according to And yet, you can’t register your bike without proof of coverage. Say what?

Floridians are required to have personal injury protection (PIP) when operating a motor vehicle. However, that specific requirement is not extended to motorcycles. Instead, motorcycles have their own requirements.

In many states, a policy purchased for a car also covers other vehicles, such as motorcycles. That’s not the case in this southern state. Florida motorcycle insurance is a financial threshold that includes at least $10,000 in medical benefits, which can be covered by personal health coverage. While not required, voluntary liability insurance coverage is strongly recommended. Before registering their motorcycles, Floridians must show proof of coverage. Whether it is a traditional liability policy through an insurance carrier or a Self-Insurance Certificate, it’s proof you meet the required financial threshold.

Florida is a No-Fault State – Does That Apply To Motorcycles?

Florida is a no-fault state, meaning that the person’s coverage will cover their own injuries, regardless of who caused the accident. Vehicles with more than four-wheels require the driver to have personal injury protection that covers any medical bills up to $2500. Since motorcycles only have two wheels, riders are not required to have coverage. That doesn’t mean that you cant grab a motorcycle insurance quote Florida offers to bikers. It also means that the state’s “no-fault” laws don’t apply to motorcycles. However, motorcycles are still bound by the Financial Responsibility Law. This law requires all motor vehicles drivers, including motorcyclists, to have proof of financial capability to cover injuries that result from a motor vehicle accident.

Accident Penalties Under the Financial Responsibility Law

So, do you need motorcycle insurance in Florida? Technically you do because there are penalties riders face if they are in an accident, are found at-fault, and don’t carry insurance. That’s because under the Financial Responsibility Law, drivers can be held financially responsible for any injuries and property damages that are caused by an accident.

It’s in a motorcyclist’s best interest to have a liability policy in place or they could face penalties in the event of an accident. These penalties could include the following.

  • Suspension of driving privileges, including registration and tags
  • Required to carry liability insurance for three years after the accident
  • Losing a civil suit pursued by the other driver
  • Additional fees to get driving privileges reinstated

While motorcycle insurance isn’t required in the Sunshine State, it is highly recommended that riders purchase liability coverage and uninsured motorist coverage at Florida has one of the highest numbers of uninsured drivers in the country. Why would you want to risk being not covered?